Booking Management

The taxi dispatch system works according to your existing web taxi booking module. It can control the incoming bookings and dispatch them. It will have an overview of how drivers and rides are functioning on a daily basis.

   Dispatcher Integration

   Customize booking

   Assign Drivers to requests

Manual Dispatching

Dispatchers can create new bookings for phone calls and use auto assignment. In this way, the dispatcher panel can receive requests manually. While manual dispatching is required in exceptional cases, auto dispatching is used in most of the cases.

   Easy switching between the modes

   In-app support

   Receive request through phone calls

   Manually assign a driver to the provider

Trips Tracking

A dispatcher can track every vehicle in real-time, whether it’s idle or in dispatch, with the integrated GPS tracking system. They can track the current location of the drivers including the fleet availability and assign the jobs accordingly.

   Dedicated GPS

   Live location tracking

   View and track real-time fleet availability

   View and monitor trip history

Emergency Management

For the safety of passengers and drivers, the dispatcher will be able to view all the emergency requests for a safe and secure journey and ensure quick actions if an emergency occurs during the ride.

   Call drivers

   Quick actions during an emergency

   Share details with concerned authorities

Driver Management

A dispatcher can add drivers, review signup requests, set commission rates and more. They can approve or reject a driver permit by verifying if it’s valid. Also, they can suspend a driver anytime.

   Assign trips to drivers

   Manage taxi locations

   View driver details

   Alarm and alerts for driver safety