All In One

Stay on top of your Taxi dispatching business day to day operation with many useful information that help you to get the job done seamlessly and efficiently.

   Past, canceled and Future bookings 

   Track all your vehicles 

   Driver statues 

Business insightful data

We made it easy for you to be informed about your business health by providing all financial necessary information that helps any Taxi companies or Taxi dispatchers to make the right decision

   Source or your booking

   Average job time 

   Canceled to completed ratio 

   Daily or weekly sales comparison ratio 

Reports & more

We made sure in our Taxi dispatch system to give you a free business reports that help you to adjust your business accordingly without the need and the hustle to open your financial books.

   Sales by driver

   Sales by car type

   Sales by channel 

   Your future bookings health 

Stay Alerted

We brought to your dashboard in our taxi dispatch solution all kind of activities alerts and notifications to ensure that your time is well spent on what matters for your business without the need to get off the dashboard to search for data

   Booking status 

   Users and driver activities 

   Payment Status 

  Paper expiration notifications 

  Many others